Alexander the Great – ‘Slave’ of the slaves

Alexander the Great – ‘Slave’ of the slaves

There is an amusing story concerning Alexander,  the Great. When he came to India, he found that the Indians were a race of brave, fearless people. He made friends with them.   When he was about to return to his country, he remembered that his people had asked him to bring to them an Indian Swami or the Wise Man. They had heard a lot about Swamis and Yogis and were very desirous of seeing one, meeting him, hearing him speak and receiving his blessings. Alexander was told that the Yogis dwelt in the forest.

In quest of a Yogi he went to a forest. Sure enough, he found one sitting  underneath a tree, in deep meditation. He waited  patiently until the Yogi opened his eyes.

They shone with a strange, mystic light.  Reverently, Alexander requested the Yogi to accompany him to  Greece, saying. “I will give you everything you need or ask for. But, pray, do come with me. My people would love to meet you!”

The Yogi quietly answered, “I need nothing, I am happy where I am!”

And unsheathing his sword, he thundered, “Do you know who is speaking to you? I am the great King Alexander. If you will not listen to me. I shall kill you- cut you into pieces!”

 Unperturbed, the Yogi answered. “You cannot kill me! You can only kill my body. And the body is but a garment I have worn. I am not the body. I am that which dwells within the body! I am not the deh,the body. I am the dehin- the indwelling one!”

The Yogi continued, “You say you are a king. May I  tell you, who you are? You are a slave of my slave!”

 Stunned. Alexander asked. “How am I a slave of your slave?”

 In a voice tender with compassion, the Yogi explained. “I have mastered anger. Anger is my slave. See, how easily you gave way to anger. You are a slave of anger, and, therefore, a slave of my slave!”

Therefore use  your Anger positively if it is required bearing in mind that:

  • Anger is an emotion, and all emotions are okay.
  • Anger is a powerful feeling that is natural and exists only for the purpose of self-preservation.
  • Anger is emotional energy that we can use to create and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Anger does not have to lead to aggression or attack.
  • Anger does not have to hurt anyone.
  • Anger is energy and strength you can use for powerful action.



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Management Education Consultant.
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